I’m introducing myself not only as a man of many skills and talents, but one who’s earned worldwide acclaim with his “Relentless drive.” I’m known as “Relentless.” No sense in adopting what feels right to you, calling me Aaron, because that’s not my name. If you wanna be factual, Relentless isn’t even my birth name. HOWEVER, it is the name of my brand, the name I built, trademarked and marketed billions of time over, including in all the press and media. So, for all intents and purposes, if you respect my growth, you will address me as (simply) “Relentless. Not Mr. Relentless. Or “Lentless” or any variation thereof. That would be just disrespectful, and our business is thru from that moment.

And besides ABC WORLD NEWS noting that “he truly is Relentless,” (see link below) most people also call me Relentless by name. So the brand “clicks.” Don’t attempt to sabotage it. You will be obvious.

I’ve written over 3 dozen novels, including my ghostwriting books for others, and I’m buried in the art of video production, including shooting, and producing/editing what I shoot.
Updating you with my resume is with the hope of developing a strategic alliance with you, to introduce myself further to the world at large, and most importantly to live a fruitful/rewarding life.

Please review the attached links to see the value that I’ve created during recent months.
I look forward to connecting with you! Have a magnificent day!

Here are the latest links for video projects produced by me, Relentless Aaron and my production company.

This is an effort to display my variety of skills and talents.

Commercials, documentaries, short films, reality segments and music videos; I can do it all.

If there are any projects you feel I can assist with, please let me know; I love to produce, direct, shoot.

I’ve been producing TV and viral video since the late 80’s. There’s nothing I can’t accomplish.

Relentless Aaron


Dr. Alduan Tartt

Full Version: of the Dr. Aduan Live Project:

Phoebe’s Boutique

Olga’s 99th Birthday Celebration:

This next clip was shot on a Monday night and available for viewing by Tuesday eve:

This clip was shot at 5pm, Sunday March 6th, 2011 and uploaded by 11:30 the same evening:

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About Me:

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And remember:
A Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes: US author & physician (1809 – 1894)



Great people in my life are leading my journey through opportunities, challenges & rewards. My plate is so full and the future so encouraging that I’m (recently) always feeling I’m about to BUST! What a difference a few months make! Living requires BREATHING. Remember that, and remove the clutter and dead weight from your life. You’ll be glad you did. #progress2012


Important Tips For Choosing The Proper Video Production Company

Important Tips For Choosing The Proper Video Production Company


Our technology right now is actually treading a fast paced development enabling us to carry out just about everything with a touch of a panel and some other stuff which makes things look more futuristic, despite the fact that looking back several years ago, this may seem to be unattainable. One branch regarding technology and media that is currently enjoying a huge boost on recognition and demand is Relentless Films, Atlanta Georgia. Through technology, video production is presently the fastest growing marketing and advertising medium especially with the online world.

Progressively, small and even huge companies alike are actually recognizing that video production is actually a highly reliable marketing tool when done properly and are searching for a way their respective company could benefit through this trend. In some cases though, some companies hold back with anxiety about spending most of the marketing funds to hire a video production company and not having the desired creative result and return of investment.

Relentless Films has certain unmatched areas of proficiency, including filming, editing, and marketing the results. Recognizing what your needs are will allow you to create a shorter list of production companies to pick from. One other aspect that you must think about is your allowed budget and the cost proposed by your video production company. And so, below are a few pointers that will help you determine and make your final decision when employing a good video production company.

At first, you will need to conduct research regarding several production companies and as well as do certain history check relating to their previous works, projects and portfolio. Here’s the link for Relentless Films, including pricing and examples of their expert work. Though this might seem basic, it is possible to get caught up with a demo reel containing extraordinary effects and fail to remember that in the end of the day, the video clip needs to obtain its expected objective. Furthermore, it is best to take a look at customer and client assessment and also their recommendations about the work of the company. You’d also prefer to employ the service of a video production company that is marketing oriented and understands the best way to sell your product or convey your message.

Look for a production company that besides passion also has reliability and even creates a long term partnership with their clients. Relentless Films is such a company, creating commercials with impact, music videos & documentaries that get the message across affordably and effectively.


Producing a video clip is not only about proving every detail and products they want to market. A true and top quality video clip is one that realizes really well the vision of the business, the strength of their product or service and the message they want to communicate and all these integrated together in a single fascinating and creative video clip.

For more information about Relentless Films, contact them at 304-825-3686

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Thats the truth. You can push and pull your mind to believe whatever you want it to believe. “It’s a New Year!” “It’s gonna be a better year than the last!” “I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that.” And you were sayin the same ole mess LAST year. STOP IT!

The only way to make significant change in your life is to create a” paradigm shift.” That might mean some kind of drastic change in your routine, a routine that has you looking at life thru those SAME OLE EYES. The eyes that are accustomed to the “same ole” are NEVER gonna be those prepared for massive success. Its true, that “we are a product of our environment” and that we grow “comfortable” with the way we live and learn. But if you don’t stretch outside of that “comfort zone,” and if your comfort zone (in the overall picture) is considered “lame,” then you will indeed achieve lame results. Or a euphemism for lame is “usual.”

I can speak on that because I’ve achieved massive success and massive accomplishments. I’ve done it on traditional terms, as well as in today’s relevant world. So, to you who tell me “I’m tired of this place” I just wanna move out,” or to you who say “being here at this workplace is limiting my options,” consider the paradigm shift. Consider thinking outside of the box. Don’t do it and “roll the dice” if rolling the dice calls for significant risks. Risks aren’t for everyone, especially the “usual” suspects.

Happy New Year!

(And stay away from half-steppers)