So, this is the graduation of Relentless Aaron, the inevitable progression from merely writing books. Meanwhile, as the world changes from analog to digital, from physical to virtual and from Dictatorship to Community-First, so too are storytellers forced to push the envelop, forging their way into adaptations of their imaginings. But I’ve been ahead of this trend almost a decade ago, when I penned my novel “Push.” From everyone I heard that “this reads like a movie!” And now, almost ten years later the screenplay is finally nearing completion.

Meanwhile, I am making my skills and talents available to others who might want to pursue the same path, taking your content to fruition whether is publishing the novel or creating the film or documentary. Relentless Aaron is equipped and skilled to handle the job. I’m currently an Atlanta-based video Producer, however I travel easily with my video equipment and cameras. Atlanta Weddings, Atlanta Models, Atlanta Music Videos, Atlanta Events, whether its a special birthday or an anniversary, small or large, Relentless Aaron can handle the occasion. Are you an author who needs a short film adaptation for your novel or memoir? I can produce it for you affordably and professionally. After its produced I can also help you get it seen.

Take a look at some of the latest Relentless Film efforts.

CONTACT RELENTLESS: (304) 825-3686






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