“How are YOU ‘prepped,’ Relentless? What makes YOU a cut above the rest?”

Well, for those of you who haven’t done your research about me, my success mainly comes from being able to bring my ideas to fruition. More than just the writing and planting images in people’s minds, I am about “fruition. Fruition means earning power, branding power, winning awards and notoriety as the best in what I do. Maybe, in doing so, I’d altruistically leave a blueprint for others to learn from or follow. But you wanna know what I did, yes? Well, I wrote a few dozen novels (and counting), as well as I got a few film deals for the same books and still merged the ability of writing with my book publishing know-how, enabling me to give publishing consultations to aspiring writers and/or publishers. What would you expect from a man who the publishing industry sees as a phenom?

I then took my book writing and book publishing know-how, and I merged it with my multi-media skills. That means audio production and video production. And I’m not talking about merely showing up with an audio recorder or a camcorder. I’m talking about the expert use of those tools. I’m talking about then editing and producing what the world sees as cohesive, captivating content that keeps a person’s attention. Hence, you have my company name, RELENTLESS CONTENT.

But this same paradigm exists for the winners; it’s called HARD WORK ETHIC. Except, that HARD WORK ETHIC is becoming the norm in this hard-knock world; a world that will knock you down if you’re not an important part of the equation. And so your hard work ethic must be geared & leveraged towards the SMART MOVES. Your energy and time must be used effectively and productively to stay ahead in a world where its becoming easy enough for the common man to do the most uncommon things/since lazy is just plain unacceptable.

One of those uncommon activities that’s becoming uncommon is VIDEO PRODUCTION. Creating videos and sharing whats special has been my forte for many many years. You may have seen my early videos from my TV show “Superstar USA” which was choc full of celebrities, airing every week in over 2 million homes throughout the New York/Tri-state are. Before producing and directing that show, I was videotaping live talent shows that I produced and promoted, called the Westchester Talent Competition. Naturally, that was my start in video, so the work is pretty cheesy, but still viewable on Youtube. Video Production is a skill that I eventually mastered, graduating from my amateur work in the 80’s, to then connecting with some of the biggest soul celebrities of our times, organizing efforts to promote them at live events, on radio, and of course via video, on Superstar USA. At the time, B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) was building its foundation, only viewable for 12 hours out of the day; growing from a Washington, DC effort into what is now the most global establishment related to Black Entertainment.  And now, years later, there is no escaping the truth; the world has turned into a giant viral VIDEO! Think about it; our world’s greatest changes and revolutions came as a result of exposure thru video. Sorry Sir Gil Scott Heron, the revolution is indeed televised.  And not to mention I can think back to the CIVIL RIGHTS era, when Martin Luther King marched defiantly down dark roads in the South, facing the opposition; Klansmen & Klanswomen in white robes, flaming torch in one hand, brandishing their rifle in the other. He did this at a time when videographers and photographers were finding interest in his war for peace. And today, we have those images in photo and video footage, thanks to the laborers of our trade, and these impressions of such atrocities have weighed-in enough to earn King a holiday, across the world there are streets are named after him, school classes assemble, and post offices shut down in remembrance of his struggle for equality. But be clear, Dr. King’s push towards his “dream” was muscled to the forefront thanks to VIDEO. The “I Have A Dream’ speech those images have been branded relentlessly, over and over again on video and via audio, thru various mediums, for the nation and for the world at large. Remember, there were other Civil Rights leaders, like Medgar Evers, who also championed the Civil Rights Movement. But Martin’s personal march, his eloquence and oratory is now legendary, as a result of video. Video has spread his message in the most viral way, and not just in Atlanta (where he lived) but throughout the world, where his voice is respected. But what does this teach us about the power of video? Surely, there is a connection between video footage of Martin Luther King and Barack Obama becoming President of the United States? Barack’s story is also legendary. His leadership encouraged thousands of people to make home videos in allegiance with Barack. His group of advocates also created many hundreds of videos that addressed grass-roots issues in communities. And so all that imaging pushed the Barack brand to the forefront, giving Americans (and the world over) a good look at our future president and his agenda. These videos showed his connectivity with people of all races, and thus those videos and alliances added the most credibility for him as a candidate. The images affirmed that he was accepted. And since we are creatures of habit, all of us naturally following the next man or woman…I’m just sayin. Beyond Barak, look at all the other world issues and how video played a role:

Think about it; #TiananmenSquare #SunCityApartheid #CivilRightsMovement #RodneyKingBeating Its all on VIDEO. And lets be honest; video is the most informative medium of our day, now its being spread/shared faster than ever before, with the world accepting it as less a novelty and more of the REAL TV we’ve always been missing. Everything from confessions, to exposing stick-up artists, to deciding calls in tennis matches, and now/exposing the imbalance of life. Just as we can now see creatures and wildlife that we’ve never been exposed to, we can also see whats right and wrong in the world, therefore making our own judgments or casting our own effective outrage. Every ill that has been hidden in the shadows or under stones will now come to the light. Every bit of sensitive information that has been keeping you and I from progressing will now be available for little or nothing. But be clear, the bloodshed and loss experienced in the Middle East isn’t even close to what Jewish and Black folk have endured. But then, as these uprisings carry on, VIDEO will show us the shake-out and the aftermath.

So, now that you’re clear about video and the effect it has on us as human beings, isn’t it time that you became a player, as apposed to a mere spectator? Do you have a brand, a product or service that you want to offer locally or globally? Then don’t be average and get a stand-alone website without having you most important substance of that site; VIDEO.

Some pointers when producing your videos:

1)    creating video from your laptop is the easiest way to become a “talking head” in the big scheme of all-things-video. But, learn to add different perspectives of your points, include still shots, other footage that rides over your voice, and use music that is offered for free use.

2)    Get yourself a tripod. They can cost from $10 and up. You can find them real expensive on Craigslist and other places where ads are placed.

3)    Make sure you don’t sit in front of a window, with the daylight behind you. Many people do this because they don’t want to show their living space. But they’re ruining the whole point of their video, killing the perfect lighting that you’d have if you’d only put sit adjacent to the window, with the light facing you.

4)    Don’t set the camera a mile away from you and expect for us to hear what you’re saying! Either get a good close up, or record the audio separately, such as on an ipod. You can always synch the audio and video up in post production/editing.

5)    Have something to say when you create a video. Don’t create a video just to see yourself speak. Plenty of people already take pictures just to see themselves; and (unfortunately) that’s a real sad evidence of their lacking self esteem. Who takes a million pictures of themselves, in the bathroom mirror, and one picture looks damn near like the last? Self. Esteem. Issues. Hurry up and get in your groove, with your built in audience, before these folk get to reading this! Because they surely will have a million video clips of themselves saying nothing! Hint-hint, clue-clue.

Thanks for hangin with me on some of the relative reasons why video and expert video production is important in this day and age of reaching the masses. And that goes for you who want video production in Atlanta, as well as in Los Angeles and abroad. Expert video Production is the same anywhere you produce it, just as boxing, or shooting a 3-pointer; the process never changes! Come again so I can tell you more about my ghost writing, book publishing, and viral marketing in social media.

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