Relentless Aaron Takes Texas by Storm!

In Houston, we hit the streets, a team of 12, and we took no prisoners


That was some night in Houston. A crowd of thousands had just let out of the dome, crammed in there to watch New Edition and friends. But the downside was that many of the concert-goers were from out of town, forced to take a cab back to a hotel. So the long-ass line outside of the stadium was ripe for vendors to go sellin shit. So how about I decide: “Fuck the money. These people are unhappy, standing out here for extended periods of time, waiting to get a cab” And I broke out boxes and boxes and boxes of books, autographed them, and gave them away. LOL at the lady who said “no” to a book, but then when she found out that my shit was in demand, came back beggin for the last copy! RECOGNIZE GREATNESS, BITCH!

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