I’m introducing myself not only as a man of many skills and talents, but one who’s earned worldwide acclaim with his “Relentless drive.” I’m known as “Relentless.” No sense in adopting what feels right to you, calling me Aaron, because that’s not my name. If you wanna be factual, Relentless isn’t even my birth name. HOWEVER, it is the name of my brand, the name I built, trademarked and marketed billions of time over, including in all the press and media. So, for all intents and purposes, if you respect my growth, you will address me as (simply) “Relentless. Not Mr. Relentless. Or “Lentless” or any variation thereof. That would be just disrespectful, and our business is thru from that moment.

And besides ABC WORLD NEWS noting that “he truly is Relentless,” (see link below) most people also call me Relentless by name. So the brand “clicks.” Don’t attempt to sabotage it. You will be obvious.

I’ve written over 3 dozen novels, including my ghostwriting books for others, and I’m buried in the art of video production, including shooting, and producing/editing what I shoot.
Updating you with my resume is with the hope of developing a strategic alliance with you, to introduce myself further to the world at large, and most importantly to live a fruitful/rewarding life.

Please review the attached links to see the value that I’ve created during recent months.
I look forward to connecting with you! Have a magnificent day!

Here are the latest links for video projects produced by me, Relentless Aaron and my production company.

This is an effort to display my variety of skills and talents.

Commercials, documentaries, short films, reality segments and music videos; I can do it all.

If there are any projects you feel I can assist with, please let me know; I love to produce, direct, shoot.

I’ve been producing TV and viral video since the late 80’s. There’s nothing I can’t accomplish.

Relentless Aaron


Dr. Alduan Tartt

Full Version: of the Dr. Aduan Live Project:

Phoebe’s Boutique

Olga’s 99th Birthday Celebration:

This next clip was shot on a Monday night and available for viewing by Tuesday eve:

This clip was shot at 5pm, Sunday March 6th, 2011 and uploaded by 11:30 the same evening:

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And remember:
A Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes: US author & physician (1809 – 1894)