Single with Benefits Relentless Aaron. St. Martin’s Griffin, $14.95 paper (288p) ISBN 978-0-312-35937-9

Nineteen-year-old j-school student Shawn Hopkins learns some hard lessons after his “ride or die chick” rips him off in this raw cautionary tale from street-lit phenom Aaron. Shawn’s happy with Venus Hamilton, who keeps one hand in his wallet and the other in his pants, until her best friend, Allison, gets dumped by her man on New Year’s Eve. Shawn wants to keep his distance, but soon, Allison’s living in their crib while Shawn brings in mo’ money (for Venus to spend) from a real estate gig. He impresses his boss and soon is in on a massive deal, but before you can say “bling,” Venus takes off with all his money and possessions, leaving Shawn to discover the joys and hazards of being “single with benefits.” In true Aaron style, the plot flies, the narration is unflinching and there are some hilarious scenes. Aaron doesn’t bring anything new to his game with this one, but he plays it like a pro. (Nov.)



This has been a most amazing experience to see a baby boy’s life shift from “in danger” to “saved by the bell.” And it was harder still because I know that as a reporter/writer/multimedia mogul I must be somehow impartial and give the real truths in the stories I tell thru film. I am a storyteller enough so that you get the point, you get the details, and that you are “touched” by the content. And so I strive to take you there, every time in the most non-commercial ways. Please comment after watching the clip posted herein. I’d love to hear/read you thoughts.