RELENTLESS, from successful novels, to successful films!

I’m SUPER-EXCITED about this month! We’re finally shooting our next episode of “FACEBOOK MURDERS”  this coming Monday evening. I’m happy to be introducing actress Fatimah to the world. She’s done extra parts here and there. But this is her first lead role. This would make our 3rd in my series of 6 Facebook Murder episodes. I need to shoot a few more for things to be right for my HBO presentation. Then the fabulous Renee Knorr is co-producing & co-directing “THE MILLION DOLLAR MODEL,” film with me. This short is being filmed at the amazingly lavish 20 million dollar Kent Rock Manor. That film has got me SO HYPE since it will include ten (or twelve) of the most beautiful women money can buy! (Thats a play on the concept/you’ll just hafta see it to understand). And finally, we’re shooting  “TYRONE’S REVENGE,” a comedy piece at a grave site! There’s no end with me! I love my life. I love the actors I’m working with. And I love our combined progress. RIDE WITH ME!   ALL FILMING THIS MONTH! Watch how this author takes the written word and turns it into captivating film! I’ve been grinding for so many clients, building their brands and consulting them into the age of social networking that I find the sudden need to jack off! That means: expressing myself, letting my wild-side run free, and turning it all into productive, thought-provoking work! (You like how I re-define shit, don’t you!?)


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