Thats the truth. You can push and pull your mind to believe whatever you want it to believe. “It’s a New Year!” “It’s gonna be a better year than the last!” “I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that.” And you were sayin the same ole mess LAST year. STOP IT!

The only way to make significant change in your life is to create a” paradigm shift.” That might mean some kind of drastic change in your routine, a routine that has you looking at life thru those SAME OLE EYES. The eyes that are accustomed to the “same ole” are NEVER gonna be those prepared for massive success. Its true, that “we are a product of our environment” and that we grow “comfortable” with the way we live and learn. But if you don’t stretch outside of that “comfort zone,” and if your comfort zone (in the overall picture) is considered “lame,” then you will indeed achieve lame results. Or a euphemism for lame is “usual.”

I can speak on that because I’ve achieved massive success and massive accomplishments. I’ve done it on traditional terms, as well as in today’s relevant world. So, to you who tell me “I’m tired of this place” I just wanna move out,” or to you who say “being here at this workplace is limiting my options,” consider the paradigm shift. Consider thinking outside of the box. Don’t do it and “roll the dice” if rolling the dice calls for significant risks. Risks aren’t for everyone, especially the “usual” suspects.

Happy New Year!

(And stay away from half-steppers)


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