I Did It, You Can Too!

14 years ago (during the month of March) I published this novel and printed 50 copies; sold them for $15 on the streets of Harlem. They cost me $15 and I made no profit. But the books sold in one day and I am mediately went to re-order 300 copies. Those 300 copies cost me $11 and sold over the course of the weekend, and I got lucky and found an investor to where I could purchase 18,000 copies for a cost of $.90 per copy. My profit was then $14 per copy.

Subsequent to that success, one of the world’s biggest book publishers/with their 800-plus authors came knocking and gave me a quarter-million dollars. My 1st check was $40,000. A week or so later I recvd another check for $75,000. Then rapper 50 Cent gave me $25,000, and Bill Duke and some other film film folks dropped another 10k in my lap. Nothin came easy for me in this life until I mastered my craft and earned the top spot as “the leader of this street lit game. Come’eer. Lemme show you why ABC World News, EBONY, Publishers Weekly, TIME, The NY Daily News and the New York Times all featured me. Let me show you why I’m the boss in this book publishing world from day one. Www.relentlessaaron.netIMG_5562